Roasted Broccoli Orzo Bowl

Seasonal make-ahead meal plans

As a member, you’ll get three seasonally appropriate recipes and shopping lists in the meal plans delivered to your inbox each Friday, along with valuable tips and tricks for making the most of the food you’ve bought for the week.

What do you get that no other meal plans give you? A detailed timeline for doing ALL your prep work for the week in two to three hours, along with regular introductions to new cuisines, ingredients, and advanced cooking techniques.

Everything is broken down into detailed steps in the email, and photo illustrations of important steps are posted each week in the Facebook group. If you have a question about a step, a technique, or a possible ingredient substitution, you can ask on the closed Facebook group and know you’ll receive a timely reply.

You’re not just making dinner. You’re reclaiming your life.

You decide when you want to spend that chunk of cooking time. The rest of the week, I want your prep time to be 15 minutes tops. And even if you need to stick something in the oven, I want you to be eating in less than 30.

So let’s go over all of what you’re getting on last time.

  • Meal plans optimized for one or two adults
  • 3 NEW seasonally appropriate recipes each week and grocery lists delivered to your inbox every Friday
  • A make-three-meals-at-once prep timeline that lets you enjoy cooking when you’re fresh and energized and just eat already when you’re tired and hungry
  • Cooking tips and weekly photo albums in the Facebook group illustrating the steps in the meal plan
  • Valuable tips and tricks for making the most of the food you’ve bought for the week
  • A “grow your pantry” mindset that ensure special ingredients you buy for one week get used again and again
  • Frequent substitution tips for vegetarian diets
  • COMMUNITY – when you join the Facebook group, you’ll be cooking and sharing those meal pics with people who are right there with you! Have a question? Post it, and I’ll answer. We’re in this together.

You can join today for only $14.99/month. That averages out to $3.50/week over the course of a year. Yup. You heard me. That’s only $3.50 a week!

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Screenshot of a Facebook album of photos illustrating a meal plan