Freelance editorial services and dissertation formatting for ProQuest by award-winning PhD and professional communications expert


I offer two general forms of editorial services.

Copyediting involves reading the entire document and editing for punctuation, grammar, and adherence to APA style using track changes. I generally spend anywhere from 10-20 minutes on one page, so you can estimate the final bill based on the number of pages in your document.

Developmental editing involves reading the entire document and editing for organization, word choice, and readability using track changes. There’s more back and forth involved. It’s a more complex process, and I could spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour on a single page, so the estimate will encompass a wider range.

Estimates are given as ranges only based on a rate of $75/ hour and on whether you are requesting copyediting or developmental editing. In order to provide the most realistic estimate, I must review your document. If requested, I will do a sample edit of a few pages at this time for a flat fee. If we decide to move forward, I will send you my contract.

Dissertation formatting

For this service, I work mostly at the document level on a completed dissertation, applying styles to create an automatic table of contents, making sure any tables and figures are formatted according to APA guidelines, and making sure that the document meets the university’s guidelines for submitting to ProQuest. I do not read the entire dissertation, and most of my line edits are in the front matter. Because formatting includes pagination and the table of contents, etc., I need to work with the full document rather than chapters. Payment is due when I send you the finished product, and I remain on call for you until your dissertation is accepted to ProQuest. There is no additional fee for any edits that come through after I give you the final product.

As of August 2017, my fee structure for formatting as a standalone service is a flat fee based on turnaround time.  

  • 10 days or more for turnaround: $275
  • 5-10 days: $300
  • 2-5 days: $325
  • 24 hours: $375 – *must be scheduled in advance*

*Please note that if you are a UPenn EdD student, I will refer you to my colleague for copyediting or developmental editing.