image of a shallow white bowl filled with fettuccine, small pieces of fried pancetta, and colorful green strips of sauteed brussels sprouts.

Change is hard. And whether you just became a parent or an empty nester, the one constant is that your cooking and eating habits are in flux.

Maybe you remember eating out three times a week with your significant other as a sort of vague dream as you wander the supermarket aisles leaving a trail of sticky cheerios behind you.

Maybe you mastered the art of cooking for a family of four — you had it DOWN! — and now that you’re an empty nester, you’re having trouble figuring out how to feed just one or two people again.

Our seasonal make-ahead meal plans are perfect for one to two adults. The streamlined prep timeline means you can cook when it’s convenient for you.

Have young children? Put a movie on or ask your spouse to watch them while you cook for the week. Two to three hours all at once isn’t too much to ask.

Kids off to college and now you’re wondering if the effort of cooking for just you or you and your spouse is even worth it? Just invest a little time. Make enough food, but not too much. Then come home from work during the week and enjoy all that freedom the Cheerio squad envies so much!

It can be hard to prioritize yourself. Let Savour do it for you.