Spinach enchilada bowl with deconstructed guacamole

Is meal planning getting you down?

I love to cook.

LOVE it.

Love eating, too.

I also have a demanding full time job, a bazillion expensive and time-consuming hobbies and volunteer commitments, and a freelance business. And I like naps.

So, I love to cook, but if I were to take all the vegetables I’ve bought over the years that have gone bad in my refrigerator and put them in one giant pile, I’m afraid the pile would become sentient and eat me.

I call it the Salad Monster. It haunts my dreams.

I’ve tried a lot of different meal plans and a few apps over the years, but most of them are aimed at families, not singles, and hardly any of them center the joy of cooking, which for me is half the fun. The ones that do were just too time intensive for me to follow through with after work. I would have good intentions. I just didn’t have the energy.

I needed a more efficient approach to slow food, so I created one.

The Savour mission is to empower home cooks with confidence, skills, and systems for meal planning and cooking creatively no matter how busy life gets!

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